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Now Available at Nelsonville Emporium

New for Christmas 2014, Scindo Ltd art is not available at the prestigious Nelsonville Emporium located on the beautiful and historic Nelsonville Square in Nelsonville Ohio. Stop in and shop for work by Scindo and other local artists.

Open for Business

After a year of assembling the shop, creating and testing processes and finalizing supplier relationships, Scindo Ltd (an Ohio Limited Liability Company) was formally created on April 9th, 2014. Scindo Ltd (pronounced 'sheen.dō'1) is a small business  located in the beautiful Bishopville area of Morgan County Ohio, near the Burr Oak reservoir and state park. The name is a Latin word meaning "to cut," and that is exactly what we do. We cut metal, mostly mild steels and aluminum, into artistic and sometimes useful shapes.

Scindo offers two basic categories of products:

  1. Plasma cut metal artworks ranging from simple garden and yard items through high-end commissions and lighting fixtures. Items can be unfinished metal or finished with airbrush and clear coat.
  2. Custom plasma cutting services for the DIY, maker, welder, and metal fabricator communities. We plasma cut steel from 18 gauge through 1/2 inch, as well as various thicknesses of aluminum.2

Browse the catalog and take a look at some of the things we have produced or contact us for anything from individual commissions through retail and wholesale opportunities.

If you are part of the DIY, maker, welder, or metal fabricator communities please contact us to discuss your needs. We love doing "piece-work" and our prices reflect our commitment to empowering the many creative people in these vibrant communities. Our services hinge around a Torchmate 4'X8' CNC plasma cutting table and a Thermal Dynamics A60 plasma cutter.  This precision machine allows for cutting to moderate tolerances. We can make a single part or do medium-sized production runs. For more information see our Custom Cutting Services.

Focusing on precision plasma cutting of steel and aluminum for the art, DIY, maker, welder, and metal fabricator communities, Scindo Ltd is open for business in southeastern Ohio.

1. This is the Ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation.

2. We do not cut stainless or galvanized steel.

New metal dyes as a finish

I've been working on expanding from color powdercoat finishes to some brighter and more exotic options. I've recently added metal dyes from Steel FX. These dyes are amazing, they are vivid, flexible, and really pop with a gloss clear powder coat finish.

I'll upate this announcement with photos soon, so check back.

More to follow...

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