May - 25 - 2019

02-0004 Praying Mantis

 This is a unique Scindo design based on an experience I had while mowing a field. I was on my 1949 Ford 8N tractor mowing a field of tall scrub. The field was full of praying mantises. As they would fly to escape the noise and chaos of the tractor they would often fly parallel to the path I was driving, and at almost the same speed. It was great to see them in flight, and the experience inspired me to create this item. The shape is taken from an actual praying mantis by scanning a photograph into the CAD software and tracing the outline. The final shape was cleaned up for more precise cutting and symmetry.

Details: This item is CNC plasma-cut from 16 gauge mild steel. The wings are hand-welded to the body, and then the assembled Dragon Fly is hand-welded atop a 1/4" steel ground rod, and painted. The finish is a rugged powder coat which is available in a variety of colors. The bottom few inches of the ground rod are dipped in black rust-resistant paint to prevent corrosion from soil moisture and insure a more durable product. Hand-painted or air-brushed accents are available upon request.

Length: 7"

Width: 9"

Approx. Height: (including rod): 26"

Retail Price: $24.25


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