May - 25 - 2019

02-0002 Dragonfly

While not a particularly unique idea, the dragonfly is always popular in the garden or around the pond. The shape is taken from an actual dragonfly by scanning a photograph into the CAD software and tracing the outline. The final shape was cleaned up for more precise cutting and symmetry.

Details: This item is CNC plasma-cut from 16 gauge mild steel, hand-welded atop a 1/4" steel ground rod, and then painted. The finish is a rugged powder coat base (available in a variety of colors) with hand-painted accents. The bottom few inches of the ground rod are dipped in black rust-resistant paint to prevent corrosion from soil moisture and insure a more durable product.

Length: 5"

Width: 9"

Approx. Height: (including rod): 25"

Retail Price: $21.00


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