May - 25 - 2019

The items below include various flat-cut items that can be shaped and welded into armour components for re-enactment, SCA events, and related activities. If you need relatively simple resizing of the patterns in this section, we do not charge CAD fees unless it gets pretty involved. Simple X-Y resizing is free.

Most of the items are based on patterns in the Armour Archive. If you are looking to create your own custom armour components, not based on anything in the Armour Archive, then check out our Custom Cutting Services page for a description of how the custom cutting services work and how they are priced.

If you are looking for something using a pattern in the Armour Archive and it is not here then let us know and work with us to develop the CAD drawings. Then we can add the component so that it is available going forward. We do not charge the setup fee or CAD drawign time fees for developing CAD items or kits based on the patterns in the Armour Archive.

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