Aug - 23 - 2019

Graphic Catalog

This is the raw graphic catalog without item descriptions. If you like an item, note the image file name (which will look like 02-0001.jpg), then click the category link (the first two digits) and look for an article whose name matches the image number (the last four digits). I know, it's an ugly way to find things but I have not yet figured out how to get Joomla! to do what I want with this section... Sorry.

Category 01 - Examples of custom or commission work

Category 02 - Things on Sticks (Garden art and the like)

Category 03 - Unlit wall art

Category 04 - Backlit wall art

Category 05 - Underlit wall art and lighting fixtures

Category 06 - Standup desk art

Category 07 - Targets

Category 08 - Various signs, some humorous, other not so much

Category 09 - Wall Hooks

Category 10 - Table art items


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